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Lady Merreth Permissions

Lady Merreth Permissions

If you would like to make fanworks of Lady Merreth or other characters/scenes from the Lady Merreth stories, please read this.

The following also applies to participants in Lady Merreth contests that involve the creation of Lady Merreth or related artwork.

This document is meant to help protect my rights to my creations and artwork made for me, either commissioned or gifted. It also meant to help protect the rights of the artists I work with. I understand the Internet is a medium in which copyright infringement, either innocent or deliberate, can take place easily. No document can provide copyright protection in full. What follows is meant to help fight against intellectual, creative, and/or artistic infringement.


Lady Merreth, her world, and other characters within her world are entirely original. This covers character descriptions, appearance, personality, settings, stories, plotting, and related concepts.

Excerpts of Lady Merreth literature appear on my blog, my Facebook page, and here, on DeviantArt.

All Rights Reserved | All creations including character, design, concepts, plots, and related concepts are the sole property of the author. Watermark/copyright removal, editing, copying, reproduction, uploading, publishing, and selling of any or all site content (whether from DeviantArt, my Facebook page, my blog or other location of any type), literature and artworks is strictly prohibited. Protected by copyright law.

All visuals uploaded by me and used are of my characters. I have commissioned the artwork(s) or others were gifted to me. I have permission to use the images. Artists are credited in some watermarks and in the description of every deviation.

Anything I, or artists who depict my characters, share in groups on this website does not give any member or administrator of the group permission to any submitted work in any form.

Commissioned Artists and Gift Givers:

Please observe the following:
  • If you are going to draw a scene or characters from Lady Merreth’s world, please read the relevant character bio, if there is one,” Lady Merreth’s World” at least one of the stories.
  • Do not draw Lady Merreth (or any of her related characters) with any fandom characters
  • If you would like to draw Lady Merreth or any of her related characters with other original characters, ask me first.
  • Please ensure that you draw Lady Merreth (and/or related) characters attired and acting in a way characteristic of her world and personality; ask me if you are unsure


The following applies to both visual and literary works, either gifted or commissioned:
  • You have my permission to use Lady Merreth’s appearance (and that of any related characters) for the artwork you create for me.
  • You have permission to upload the image you did for me to personal profiles and portfolios. You must credit and link back to me on DeviantArt or my blog. You must identify the character as Lady Merreth (or any other of mine used).
  • You do not own Lady Merreth or any of my characters that you may depict.
  • You cannot claim she belongs to you, that you created her, or that you created her appearance.
  • Do not ever give anyone the right to use images of my characters, or permissions to use my characters (in any medium). Ever.
  • You must credit me and link back to my DeviantArt page or my blog when you upload an image of Lady Merreth anywhere on the web.
  • You must appropriately watermark the image – copyrighting my characters to Brant Forseng or have me add the text for you.
  • I have the right to upload the image to my Facebook page, my DeviantArt page, my blog and any other web location I choose. I will always credit and link back to you.
  • You cannot use artwork (or literature) of Lady Merreth for commercial purposes (prints, etc.) to make profit in any way other than receiving payment from me for creating the art.
  • If you wish to make a gift to me, you must agree to the foregoing.
  • Commissions are considered to be “work for hire”, and I have full rights to use that artwork to promote Lady Merreth and her stories, including commercially; in such cases I will credit you, the artist.


Uploads preferred under 1000 pixel height or width; however, this is open to discussion if you have other ideas.


I have begun to watermark all images with text that gives Lady Merreth her name and copyrights me.

I am in the process of updating current images, though this will likely be a slow process. Please ask me to put it on for you OR make your own as long as my name is readable. The watermark should say “Lady Merreth (or other character name if need be) © Brant Forseng”

More on Sharing:

Lady Merreth is easily recognizable from her brunette hair, slightly olive skin, and her attire: black leather gloves, vest, breeches, thigh-high (flat soled) boots, wide-brimmed hat and coiled whip she wears on her right hip.

She is tough, honorable, blunt-spoken, and lonely. She is also a sadist, though she struggles mightily to keep that part of her under iron control.

She is entirely original and belongs to me. Please respect that. I am writing the first of what I plan will be several novels detailing her adventures. I have poured enormous time and money into her.

Go ahead and make her famous, but don't just post a picture without a name and link. She's an increasingly real, flawed, and compelling character and I am very protective of her.

This document is derived from the Dramira Permissions page on DeviantArt. Permission received from Mina, Dramira’s owner, to use and modify her content in order to create the Lady Merreth permissions.
I have been tagged!  for the first time in my ... well... life actually.  :)

So in response to a tag from :iconripleynox:, here are ten things you didn't Know about LadyMerrethsAuthor:

  1. I'm a tequila guy -- Don Eduardo Silver is my favourite.  I used to be a Scotch guy but no more.
  2. I (and my girlfriend) are owned by two cats.  Twilight -- the female -- is equal parts mischief and perpetual motion.  Dano -- the male -- feels that it's his mission in life to groom everyone.  Literally every last person or animal.
  3. My favourite "grazing" snack is salted corn nuts.  I could put them down by the pound. They're like crack cocaine to me.  Not good.
  4. I have crooked little fingers.  They bend inwards.  Up until I was about ten I thought everyone was like that.  Our family doctor offered to break and re-set them to "normal".  I decided I was ok with "abnormal".
  5. I've served for two years as the guy in charge of Pet Registrations on our strata council.  My duties consist mainly of making people cry when I'm not pissing them off.
  6. Battlestar Galactica 2004 -- Best. Sci-fi TV series. Ever.
  7. I am huge Archer (the cartoon)  fan. 
  8. Foam rubber freaks me out.  I cannot stand the feel of it, the way others cannot stand the sound of nails on blackboard.  My worst nightmare is to be rolled in the stuff.
  9. If I eat at McDonalds, and only if I eat at McDonalds, I will always eat all of my french fries first, before a single bit of the hamburger.  Should I not do so, you will know you are in the company of an imposter.
  10. I will take rain over snow any day.  You don't have to shovel rain. 

After careful consideration, I hereby tag the following ten people people to do the same:

:iconsyoshiko:, :icondramira:, :iconyacermino:, :iconmylochka:, :iconmashytaytew:,
:iconaliciane:, :iconmordredoforkney:, :iconwarriorneedsfood:, :iconlittlegoblet:, :iconpoetic-dragon:

Here are the rules to follow:

1) Don't think just share the love!!
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves
3) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
4) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
5) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that".
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.(+ESPECIALLY yours waifus /hasbandos/mans or your Deviant Family)
7) No tag-backs.!!!!!
8)You can't say that you don't do tags.
9)You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.


Brant Forseng
I started writing in my late forties, focusing on Xena, Warrior Princess and X-Files fan-fiction. Very quickly I decided I wanted characters of my own so I could become published in the future. I focused on topics and characters that appealed to me: Empire, history, politics, military strategy and tactics, and strong, yet flawed, female protagonists. Alternate history fascinates me and that is reflected in my writing. However, though my stories are take place in an alternate world I avoid magic and magical creatures. Lady Merreth and her adventures are set forth in my first novel – Western Watch -- which I am currently writing.

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